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The Easier Softer Way


The Easier Softer Way is a community that hosts meditation groups in the local community, offers mindfulness/meditation coaches and sober coaches, has a shop with handmade gifts, provides a blog with many different authors and points of view, and hosts events that benefit local charities!




Address: 12217 Pacific Avenue #7
City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Neighborhood: Mar Vista
Telephone: (323) 790-6252
Email: love at theeasiersofterway dot com
Facebook URL:

Your Education/Training :
Practicing Buddhism for 8 years, facilitator at local meditation groups

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Ajahn Mun, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, Ajah Amaro, Jack Kornfield, Noah Levine