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Tina C. Hines, Life Transformation Specialist


Tina educates, empowers and enlightens women as they embark on their own personal journeys. Through what could only be described as the Zen quality within, Tina uses her intuitive abilities to connect with women of all ages, nationalities and spiritual denominations to provide them with the solutions to obtain inner peace.

In order to heal, our one-on-one sessions will give you a chance to be vulnerable in a safe environment to: 1) open the wound using a scalpel (truth); 2) lean the wound of poison (forgiveness); and 3) Use strong medicine (self-love).




Address: PO Box 753
City: Franklin Park
Country: USA
Telephone: 732-305-0545
Email: tch at
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Your Education/Training :
AA Business Administration add Certified in Mental Health First Aid

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Don Miguel Ruiz Iyanla Vanzant Deepak Chopra