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Tori B. Amos


Tori is a, Reiki Master- Intuitive- Chakra and Aura readings and balancing – Clean & Clears of Personal Spaces or Offices -Holistic Life Style. Founder of the 5 Day Vegan Cleanse and Empowerment Week.

Tori specializes in empowering her clients to meet their highest goals and levels in life. Whether it be a Reiki Treatment, Reading or Cleanse. Tori
clears away stuck energies and thoughts, which encourages a open heart and mind. Reaching optimal health in the mind, body and spirit to move forward, fully empowered in life.

My mission is to assist you on your path to a healthier mind, body and
spirit. We will work together during your treatment of choice, to enable
you to discover a greater awareness of your whole self. By treating your
body, you are encouraged to move through life more fluidly and soundly;
bringing healing and peace of mind to your whole being.

Tori is based in the Bay Area, and travels for events and retreats.




City: San Francisco
Country: USA
Neighborhood: Bay Area
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