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Yellow Bear Journeys


What is a Yellow Bear Journey?

A Yellow Bear Journey is your journey into wholeness. It is your step towards completeness, toward being at peace. It helps you to be friends with the Universe and with yourself. It helps you stay centered, grounded, and free. When you are whole, you feel connected.
Wholeness was always there. Even when I was in my deepest misery. Even when I didn’t want it to be there. When there was no way out, the only way out was wholeness.

Everybody has a right to wholeness. We price Yellow Bear Journeys according to the Blessing Economy. A Blessing Economy is one in which the bottom line is for the benefit of another without detriment to oneself. We offer Yellow Bear Journeys as a blessing to you. We hope that in return you will bless us. Yellow Bear Journeys are by donation. Retreats and other consulting prices vary.

A Yellow Bear Journey is a transformation of your relationship with life. Our lives are transformed by listening to our lives. Listening to our bodies, our emotions, our spirit, and our thoughts. Listening to the events that have shaped and are shaping our lives – both the ones we’re aware of and those we’re not so aware of. Our lives are transformed by listening to Nature and to the Wind.  With continued listening, comes relationship. Relation with our lives. Relationship with our bodies, with our emotions, with our spirit, with our thoughts. Relationship with Nature and with the Wind. Relationship with others. With continued relationship comes transformation.

We like to take Yellow Bear Journeys while walking on the beach. Yellow Bear Journeys, however, don’t seem to be particular about where they take place, so we’re open to various settings. Yellow Bear Journeys tend to go to conclusion, so we try not to set time limits on them. Typically they last one to six hours. We offer weekend and week long experiences. These longer experiences work well for groups, as they allow everybody to have the time they need for their part of the journey.
Each Yellow Bear Journey is unique to the particular person, persons, or group who takes that journey. Practices that may unfold along the way include: Body, Breath, and Heart Awareness; Song/Chant; Writing/Drawing; Guided Meditation; Movement; Stories; Deep Listening; Spiritual Exercises; and Healing.

Ways to participate in your journey toward wholeness:
•  Sign up to experience the rewards of a Yellow Bear Journey by contacting us by email or by phone (360) 918-8121.

•  Participate in other experiences of wholeness. Spend time daily breathing into your heart, letting go of the brain loops, and letting your heart show you that you’re living in paradise and just don’t know it. Remember the good. Give thanks.

•  Find a group to share a Yellow Bear Journey with.

•  Read our blog at Hugging the Wind – Blueberry Juice for the Soul. If you let me know you’re reading it, I’ll be more prone to update it more often.

•  Support us as we help others transform their relationship with their life & fall madly in love with their life.

•  Support and/or sponsor others in their search for wholeness without judgment or bias or thinking that their path to wholeness looks anything like your path to wholeness.

•  Spread the word that wholeness is possible.

•  Practice smiling every day. It’s contagious.

•  Sign up for our mailing list (on the right).

•  Do what the Wind is doing.

•  Find your tribe.




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