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Welcome to our national healers directory. You can search for practitioners or healers and their products two ways: 1) by city and state 2) by discipline (i.e. Reiki, Energy Work, Psychics, etc.)

Either use the drop-down menu below, or search by keyword.

Once you've tried a healer/practitioner, product or spiritual center, please come back and leave a review or recommendation for other readers. We're the Yelp of Spiritual Help!

Note: Multiple keywords should separated by comma e.i; Yoga, Prayer

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Practitioners > West Hollywood
Bliss By Numbers
The Power of Numbers Since the days of Pythagoras we have known the universal p ...

Nidhi Handa, Certified Coach
Results oriented life and business coaching. If you're looking to make positive ...

Live.Love.Tarot by Julie Rose
I'm a Tarot reader and manifesting coach, empowering clients to create their ide ...