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Hi, Welcome to, your Yelp for Spiritual Help!

Here’s some things you ought to know.

First – we built this site for the spiritual and healing community. We wanted to create a well-designed, inspiring platform to connect the people who are interested in spirituality and healing to the amazing people and places in this community who have great gifts to offer, and needed a way, beyond word of mouth, reach a wider audience.

Second, if at any point you’d like to contribute an article , or would like us to try out a service or something that we can recommend please, contact us. (hello  at  This is a community site and place for connecting, sharing and spreading the word.

As for the listings service – we set out to create a rich directory that would allow us to only pass on a minimal fee for a high quality listing. Our modest fee allows us to create a richer experience for you (our listing/directory community) and for any users who are searching for you — listing here helps you not only get ‘found’ in our community, but it also helps Google find you better too, because we’re providing back links and SEO services – we’re your marketing helper.   Many directories exist only to collect your info and sell it.  We will never do that!  We’re truly here to help.   Upload photos, list your services and share your passion and personality. (A video feature will be added soon.)   We are here for one reason – to help people find you.

As soon as your listing is live, ask a couple of your clients to recommend you on your page to help you to build your reputation. We are the Yelp for Spiritual Help!

Beyond listing in the directory, there are other ways to engage with our users. Submit articles (contact us), answer people’s questions in the forums,  recommend others practitioners in the directory to build your reputation too. Also, practitioners and institutions who list with us can post job listings for free in the forum.

Pricing:  FOR OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, ALL LISTINGS ARE FREE, FOR 6 MONTHS, WHEN YOU LIST BY AUGUST 28.  Just fill out the forms below/enter your info, and we’ll publish it within 24 hours.  Thank you! (*note, the back-end system has to charge $1.00, we can’t turn it off completely, but we’ll refund the $1.00 -just email us at hello at!) 

Practitioners and Products:
List in our directory now, before Sept 15, for $30.00. Regular price is $45.00. *This is LIFETIME listing!

-Practitioners enter all their own events listings separately. Please contact us if you are interested in bulk/recurring listings.

-Not a tech person? No problem, for an additional $5.00 we’ll upload it for you. Email us from the home page or at hello at

Events  listings are always $25.00. We only list events that we recommend for our readers – contact us to recommend your event at hello at

Institutions & Centers:
List in our directory, now, before Sept 15 for $150. Regular price is $225. (LIFETIME Listing!)  Your listing includes a robust directory listing and 3 free event listings.   We also have great content marketing offers. Shoot us an email for more details, or to have us upload your listing for you. 

If you are a non-profit, please contact us (hello at for the non-profit rate.

Thank you for being here and doing what you do, we’re honored to serve you.