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Getting Free From Your Yuck: Bless Your Mess

it's you why you're suffering

There is a powerful tool I want to share with you.  When we find ourselves perplexed and in painful circumstances say, “I bless this situation.” Then let that sit. Repeat this phrase several times, over and over, until you begin to feel the relief- the power of letting go of what was not ours to hold onto in the first place.

Ahhh. Sometimes we need to repeat “Bless this situation” all day long every day, for it is the only way to gain relief, but keep doing it. The harder it is to distance ourselves from those smothering feelings of hurt, anger, fear and disappointment, the stronger our self-inflicted ties are to it. We hold on because of expectations. We hold on because we think someone owes us something. We hold on because we think ‘This could never happen to me.” And we hold on in error.

We must release it with “Bless this situation” for as long as it takes- like swatting away swarms of mosquitoes or gnats. Those feelings of disappointment are our opportunity to see where we have created false realities (usually involving others) that need to go away. WE are why we are suffering. In fact, Eastern religions pronounce that this is the ONLY reason we suffer.

Reggae band Rebellution has a tune I adore because it cuts to the core.  It’s aptly named “Suffering,” and the refrain repeats like a meditation, ‘You’re why you’re sufferin’, you’re why you’re sufferin’.’ Each time our suffering rears its ugly head, you can know that your escape route is letting go by blessing the situation that you do not understand.

We either let go, or we get cancer, heart disease, ulcers, fibro myalgia, and whatever else the flavor of the day is.

The second part of this tool is this: Ask God (or whoever you look to – Universe, Higher Power, your dead mother, the angels) “What is my lesson here?” Each time I ask this question after blessing my personal situation of suffering, the lessons and the meanings comes to me immediately. And it’s always seems to be something simple and profound, like truth itself, like a new scripture or an old one I’ve forgotten.

These two practices will save you and I, my dear friend. You and I will grow into the bright beings we are destined to be. We will shine forth and be a beacon for others because we are freed. We are free from the weights of all the stuff we thought life was supposed to bring us. And then, magically, because we are free from the yuck and the nauseating weight of inner pain, new opportunities can come our way because they can now find us- opportunities better than we thought possible because the way is cleared.

But first, let’s bless this mess!


About Lorraine:

Once a clueless single mom, Lorraine vowed to be the best parent possible. She got her Marriage, Family and Child Counseling Master’s and post-grad Educational Therapy Board Certification. Since 1995, she mentors and counsels parents in their personal evolutions on TV, radio, video, by speaking, writing, and in clinical and private practice. How to Raise Safe, Happy & Confident Kids Who Want to be With You is her signature platform.
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