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Are You in a Relationship with Yourself?

Relationships: They are a significant part of our Earth curriculum and they consist of friendships, romances, colleagues and family.  But how do relationships come about and why do we attract the people we do?

As you go in and out of your day-to-day, you are emitting energy.  Sometimes this energy is high vibrational, other times it is on the lower end of the spectrum.  Essentially when you attract someone, they are attracted to this energy force.  You will therefore attract people who mirror the level of consciousness you are at.  So, on some level, you are constantly in relationships with yourself.

The people that show up in your life are physical manifestations of an aspect of yourself.  Maybe it’s an aspect you most need to see, embrace, forgive or heal right now.

Likewise, when relationships end, it is due to a conflict in this once compatible energy level.  One person may be evolving at a faster rate, or one may be threatened by his or her own resistance to change.  But the shift is not to be taken personally; it is merely a reflection of awareness that is no longer a mirror image.

Other times individuals will admire our current level of evolvement and will rise to that occasion with us.  These are the friendships and partnerships that we feel compelled to cultivate.  They allow you the space to be more and more of who you are, and you get to enjoy growing and developing as souls into your fullness.

When your relationships begin to shift, do not react in fear.  It is the universe’s way of allowing that relationship to take a new form, in whatever form that may be, for each of your highest good.

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