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This Is No Easy Full Moon. Sincerely, Scorpio

full moon astrology report

It may seem like every astrology report starts with how “potent” the Full Moon will be this month, but trust us – this one is going to be a feisty one.

Not only will April 25th embody the Full Moon in Scorpio, but it is also intensified by the first lunar eclipse of the spring season.  Here are some astral insights for you to bring forward prior to the Full Moon:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on Thursday, April 25th, 2013, at 3:57 PM EDT, 5 degrees Scorpio.

This Full Moon is a balancing act between content Taurus and ravenous Scorpio. Taurus’ energy deals with personal values, the material world, and security; while Scorpio rules transformation, change, destruction, and strips away what is false and corrupt. The foundation may be shaking as false beliefs and values are being destroyed bringing in purity, truth, and deepening our human experience. You’re being directed to resolve your shadow side and transform it into light. This Full Moon/Lunar eclipse may also bring up seeds that you have sown a long time ago. Whether it is this lifetime or beyond, whatever appears and activates emotional stuff is what needs to be cleared and balanced through being responsible and accepting your part in it. Denying or avoiding will only keep the issue stuck to you longer than necessary.

Cosmic insider, Jana Groscot Matthews, of New Moon Manifesting says, “The Full Moon in Scorpio is an ideal time to delve deep into the unconscious and how you relinquish or use your power. Look at what motivates your behavior and action. How does this relate to your sense of security on both a physical and emotional level? Are the old ways managing your power working for you? During the Scorpio Full Moon you can let go of the old and rise from the ashes to create something new. But in doing so it may feel like so
From a Soul-level perspective, as one accepts responsibility for their part in the experience or issue, the insight is extracted and thus deep healing occurs. One then can be free to move forward without being on repeat. Find the courage to face whatever the Full Moon in Scorpio is enlightening for you. Your growth may be astounding.meone whacked you on top of the head with a dose of truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. But Scorpio helps us take responsibility for actions that stop you from getting what you want. You may not like what you see, but know that you are being guided for your highest good towards healing and spiritual evolution.”

This Full Moon is about emotional declarations. Something has been building inside of us, likely of an intimate nature, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this declaration means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict between collecting and sharing.

This is no easy Full Moon – it asks us to find the courage to face our truth. Only in seeing our truth can we truly change.

full moon lunar eclipse


How do you honor the Full Moon in your life? 

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Full Moon In Virgo – Potent Insights from 3 Top Astrologists:

Full Moon Virgo 2013

This month offers a potent Full Moon rising in Virgo on February 25th, 2013 (3:26 PM Eastern Time, 12:26 Pacific Time). A full Moon appears when the Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. Emotions tend to be at a high. Social time is at a high. A full moon represents a time of increased creativity and intuition is heightened as well.    Each sign manifests different energies in different ways, and this full  Moon in Virgo affects how we’re attuned to the world, how we take in nourishment and what we hunger for.   This Virgo Moon wants to be the vehicle and servant of the Pisces Sun’s message.

Here are 3 astral messages to take note of from some of the most respected and inspired readers of the stars…

First from the wonderful Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:

 1. Become aware of what your soul is here on this Earth to incarnate.

Take hold of your courage and dance the dance in this Virgo Full Moon.  Because we are being called to birth the brightest truths of our spiritual essence.

“It is the Moon who does the incarnating, just as the mother gives birth to the child.  This Virgo Full Moon helps us become aware of what our soul is here on Earth to incarnate.   We’ve been at this for a while now.  Do you recognize what it is you’re called to do?  The first step is to become conscious, to Know Yourself!  Just that is a big step…

Virgo is the Virgin, the Mother, imaged as Isis and the Virgin Mary, both divine Mothers who give birth to Saviors.  Virgo itself symbolizes the aspect of the zodiac where we are asked to become the person we are meant to be, the Christ-consciousness within each of us.  The Virgin Mother wants us to live out our own unique Self.   The ancient saying, “Know Thyself” is a Virgo statement. 

2. Open your intuition and exercise discernment in your choices.

“Virgo helps us learn discernment, so that we can say, ‘This is me and that is not me.’  It is only the patriarchal Virgo who has been taught that s/he has to be perfect instead of whole. That’s where Virgo gets her reputation for being picky and controlling.  It’s so impossibly hard to be perfect!  Our individuated Self, though, is rarely perfect; more often, we come to know ourselves as a mixture of light and darkness, seen through the lens of creativity, compassion and truth…

So our task is to think differently, to open our intuitive brains, to listen to our feelings…The Mind must understand our desire for peace and unity; we must learn to trust that our unique identity will not be lost when we foster Unity; and we must let Love guide our vision of spiritual awakening…”

From the wonderful Kelley Rosano:

“The Sun in Pisces reminds us not to escape reality by seeing the best in someone or something. In this way, we can avoid disappointment.  The Moon in Virgo encourages us to exercise discrimination in our choices. Keeping busy in personal pursuits will make for a happy Virgo Moon. For instance, this is a terrific time to dream, meditate, draw, write, play, and create.  Imagine your life exactly the way you desire.”

3.  Practice extreme self-care.    

“The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that we are multidimensional beings. Our past, present and future lives are running simultaneously in the NOW.  The Ascension process is challenging at times. This is true. We want to be proactive not reactive. We want to come from LOVE not fear. We are changing our DNA structure. Thus, we must practice Extreme Self-Care.  Getting plenty of rest, quiet time, reflection and meditation are requirements to stay balanced and grounded. Virgo reminds us to cleanse and purify our body, mind and heart…”

The Virgo Full Moon is rich in a wealth of important insights, awareness’s and understandings. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving around the Full Moon February 23 – 28. This is your Soul Self providing you the answers you need. Your Soul knows your soul contracts…”

The Retrograde:

Also consider, Mercury is in retrograde from February 23 to March 17, 2013 in Pisces.   Mercury will be traveling back and forth through Pisces along with the Sun, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Mars, checking in with our sense of purpose, our heart-connections, our spiritual vision, our collective wounds and our desires.   Mercury is considered the planet of communication, travel, business and the Mind.   When Mercury goes retrograde, these aspects of life are affected.   So when your computer crashes, your travel plans are in disarray, and your car breaks down, Mercury has a message for you.   Mercury is also the Trickster who trips you up when you’re off-course.   So pay attention to what comes up during the 2 weeks before Mercury goes retrograde and you’ll know what you have to reconsider during the actual retrograde. Challenge!  Keep a “Moon Journal” from February 23-28 and document how you are receiving and following your “tips”.    

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Best of Astrology: How the Final Full Moon of 2012 is Especially Significant

There is no denying 2012 has been packed full of spiritual energy. As we approach the exit of this powerful year, the Dec. 28th full moon intends to usher us from one powerful plane to another. has compiled the best advice and predictions from our favorite Astrologers to help you understand how the alignment of 12/21 will affect our last full moon of 2012.

This full moon is the first since Winter Solstice where light is dawning again after the longest night. Spirituality is the primary focus where we may see a raising of global spirituality to a new level of acceptance and understanding. It will not be surprising to see the best and worst at the same time as this polar extreme is common with the 28th’s celestial alignments. Endurance and calling on strength from within are most transmitted at this time.

Our faith will be tested heavily at this Full Moon. For some the 21st seems not to have heralded the paradigm shift that was hoped for, at least not in an obvious way and not in an instant. There is no quick fix to consciousness. Isn’t that just like Jupiter though, here we are a week later and not one of his overblown promises have materialized! “Patience” says Saturn sextile Pluto. This transformation is slow but thorough; no stone will be left unturned.
The Full Moon on December 28, 2012 begins at 7:22 eastern standard time. It is at 7º Cancer on Mirzam in the front paw Canis Major. This is the final Full moon for 2012 and it contains some strong energy for transformation and healing.

Here is the FULL MOON report for December 28th, 2012:
Dipali Desai of Celestial Space Astrology:

“There are some memories so deeply embedded within the Unconscious, that they need to be exposed for transformation and healing to take place so they no longer influence your life or behaviors. Why hold on to painful memories from your own life or that of your family ancestors and genetic lineage…”

“What could be the key themes or issues surfacing now? They will be around family, roots or belonging, rejection, abandonment, emotional security, financial or professional security as well as death, dying, letting go of the past and moving past old comfort zones.”

“…Be receptive to healing and also remain open to allowing things to wash away and prepare your inner container for new beginnings by being in the present moment. Let the raw emotion of rejection, abandonment and emotional betrayal heal. Allow love to caress you and nourish you on every level.”

“One major astrological configuration is: Sun ‘Conjunct’ Pluto in Capricorn both Opposing the Moon in Cancer while making a tense ‘Square’ aspect to Uranus in Aries. There will be exposure and illumination of whatever is decaying or falling apart so it can be cleansed. “

“Also it is possible to experience out of the blue or unexpected external situation, circumstance or issue that intensely pushes into your personal space or bypasses porous boundaries. The sudden shock or something coming up to a boil sets things in motion or possibly creates an eruption. Everything may feel chaotic and then after the emotions are felt and pass, clarity and objectivity follows.”

“Remember the potential to to “clear” away the stuck stuff and make you aware of the Spiritual insight and purpose. It is an opportunity to be emotionally empowered and assertive. From the level of Soul, the painful experiences(s) reveal or point towards where you have closed yourself off to love or abandoned yourself. Practice being responsible for how you emotionally react to things or situations. Be mature enough to fulfill your need(s) with the help of Soul and the Divine.“

“The Full Moon in Cancer may feel extra potent on an emotional and psychological level. It has the potential to trigger extreme emotional reactions (even infantile reactions) with possible emotional eruptions. Leading up to and the day of the full moon and a day or two after, it’s possible for people to feel especially prickly, cranky and even act in passive/aggressive ways.”

“The theme of ‘moodiness’ perfect describes the Full Moon in Cancer. Of course the end of the year or Holiday blues tend to catch up with those believing in the “loneliness” story within the mind. It is possible that emotions go high and low, but turn to healthy alternatives to help you balance and gain perspective.”

“Another piece to the Full Moon in Cancer is that people have a tendency to live on auto-pilot tend to carry forward sticky emotional guilt, painful memories, family curses, intense bitterness within the ancestral lineage without even questioning anything. And at times this plays it out in their personal lives or with situations in present time. The old story repeats in a loop like a memory.”

“The Full Moon in Cancer offers a wonderful opportunity to let go of being on auto-pilot and detox. Allow whatever is meant to be exposed to be revealed you can face it head on and move forward.”

“It it also possible one’s family or ancestors that have transitioned (died or left the physical body) will be around to support this important phase and transformation. They too want to contribute so that the ancient patterns heal and become whole and healthy once again.”

Another take from the always insightful Kelly Rosano:

“The Full Moon is activating the powerful Pluto/Uranus square… Expect the unexpected. Uranus challenges the Sun (who we are) and the Moon our (emotional needs). We could be drawn into ego conflicts…”

We want to be proactive versus reactive. We may have little patience for ego games and emotional dramas. It is crucial to take time for yourself. Meditate.

”Go to the core of what is really bothering you. Make the needed changes within Self to eliminate those factors. The only person we can change is ourselves. We cannot change other people. However, you can change your behavior. Seeing positive change in the world begins from within. World Peace starts with us. Practice being a peaceful person. For instance, accept the choices those around you make. We may know better. However, each soul is learning form their own choices. This is how we attain Self mastery. Accept the choices that other people are making.”

“…Pluto opposing the Cancer Moon means it is time to purge the past. Pluto and Uranus challenging the Full Moon imply that we are to release what no longer serves our highest good. For instance, holding on to past memories, events we cannot change, creates needless suffering. Surrendering, accepting and allowing empower us to go higher in Capricorn…”

“Fortunately, we have a supportive sextile between Saturn and Pluto exact at the Cancer Cull Moon. We can look forward to two more sextiles between our heavy weights…This aspect will empower us to be strong and stable within ourselves. We can work hard and focus tremendous energy on the tasks before us. Make friends with change, Make friends with your growth and transition. These are our allies.”

“The Cancer Full Moon message is to release the past. Let go of what no longer serves us be it a relationship, a job, a living location and/or a lifestyle. This is a favorable moment to release self-limiting beliefs. We create our reality through our thoughts and feelings. If we want to change our lives for the better, we must first change ourselves. Albert Einstein believed that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking it was created.” Thus, we must climb higher and/or go deeper in our consciousness to find our answers. Old solutions cannot solve new problems…”

“On a positive note, Mars entered Aquarius on December 25. This can give us the courage to release what no longer works or serves us. Mars (the individual) is in Aquarius (the group). Mars and Uranus are in mutual reception and have a supportive sextile. You will have opportunities to assert your individuality and do things that you have never done before.”

“Change can be creative and exciting, adding a new passion for life. Mars can give us the courage to be forward focused and burn the past. Mars and Uranus are empowering the individual. Mars and Uranus are encouraging us to fight for our freedom peacefully. Mars and Uranus want us to feel excited about our future. What actions steps can you take today that puts you in the driver seat? We are the empowered ones. We can choose peace.”

Master Astrologer, Henrik Gullfoss, says is devotion is the key at play. This is being devoted to love, and to forgive the limits of others, in their loving. He writes, ‘It is to accept the love and devotion from others without judging or putting up defenses or making demands for how one is going to be loved. This is the true love of seeing, meeting, and dancing with God, through seeing, meeting, and dancing with all the multiple forms of God that are manifested in the visible and invisible universe.’”

“With the holidays upon us, many are coming together with the family-of-origin where we bump so furiously up against each others limits of loving. This is where we’re triggered the most. And also, it’s with family, that we see the evolution of intimate family ties over the course of a lifetime. We have a long history. And every visit is marked ‘to be continued’ which means there’s time to soften, to come to deeper understandings.”

“Epiphanies happen at the Full Moon. Cancer and Capricorn (Sun) illumine the kind of intimacy that feels like family, and that takes many forms. It’s about your home base, and those you reach out to, to feel a sense of belonging.”

“This Moon, nurture your close connections, and if you feel isolated, reach out…The Cancer side of the cardinal axis brings us into balance, with compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. It’s seeing the priceless value of deep care and acts of kindness. This instinct will grow wings in 2013, when Jupiter goes into Cancer. The tide will turn, and we’re sure to see a breakdown of the social isolation that many live with.”

Be alert to revelations in these Moonlit nights, of ways to drink in more love. There may be messages about what changes to make, for more organic love nourishment. It begins with self-love, and resisting the temptation to build calcified defenses, in such raw and chaotic times.”

“Cancer is a sign that finds strength in emotional sovereignty. And Capricorn is a sign of integrity, ‘walking the talk.’ When the Moon is full, the Sun is synched up with Pluto, for a vitalized purging and resettling. In the month of Capricorn, we find our center again, and our footing. As we dig deeper for what it takes to fulfill our potential, we come up against presumptions, conditioned responses, emotional baggage.”

“So pay attention to the feelings that circulate up to the surface. Look at survival fears, and practical ways to feel more secure.”

What will you shed and celebrate with this full moon?

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