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Five Steps to Reclaiming Your Intuition – By Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale, reclaiming intuition, inner voice, spiritual, chakra healing, Divine life, Divine eneergy

Intuition is often called the “small voice within,” but even a tiny voice must be heard or it will disappear. And there are plenty of reasons our intuition may have gone silent.

Think about how LOUD life is. There is work shouting, “do me;” bills whispering, “you forgot me,” and if your house is anything like my mine, kids and dogs constantly begging, “feed me.” We’re so busy we often can’t even hear ourselves thinking—much less pause in-between Emails to attend to incoming intuitive messages.

It wasn’t always this way, was it? Remember the precious moments when you were “in the flow?” As an adult, perhaps your intuition was last active during a dream or when you needed spiritual guidance. Perhaps you provided insight to a friend or received a much-needed sign for yourself. For many of us, our intuitive channels were most open when we were children, before we learned that we weren’t supposed to believe in fairies, hear the poetry in the wind, or listen to our dreams. What we knew, we simply “knew;” and “that was that. “

Intuition is the key to a loving and joyful life. It’s our soul’s way of speaking to us, the Greater Spirit’s way of communing with us, the world’s way of telling us what to attend to. How can we reawaken, reaffirm, and regroup the gift that attunes us to the very life we’re meant to be living?

Here are a few steps that can reboot a lagging intuition and return you to your truth:

1. Remember.

Think back to the last time you followed an intuitive urge. How did you know your intuition was contacting you? How did the situation turn out?

2. Decipher.

There are four main types of intuition. Review your memories and decide which of the following are your strongest. Physically kinesthetic intuition involves recognizing messages through bodily awareness, including physical sensations, emotions, smell, and the sense of touch. Spiritually kinesthetic intuition centers on simply “knowing” the truth. Verbal intuition includes hearing psychic words, tones, music, or messages. Visual intuition entails seeing intuitive images, pictures, “slide shows,” and colors, when awake or dreaming.

3. Release.

Now ask yourself what gets in the way of tuning into your intuition. These resistance points could include fears, such as of being judged, receiving information that is scary, or looking foolish; misperceptions, such as that intuition is hard or not acceptable in your religion; or trust issues, such as doubting your own intuitive abilities.

4. Practice.

Ask questions of your higher or intuitive self or the Divine on everyday matters. For instance, ask to sense, know, hear, or see what to make for dinner or to wear that day. The more you use your intuition, the more available it will be for you.

5. Be grateful.

Thank yourself or the Divine every time your intuition pays off. If you smile at it, it will smile back—and open it’s “mouth” even wider. Know, too, that finding “intuitive moments” doesn’t need to be hard. In a moment of confusion, breathe deeply and ask for an intuitive insight. Get up in the morning and ask for intuitive guidance throughout the day. Grab a book and ask to open to the page you need to read. Even the busyness of life—especially the busyness of life—doesn’t need to interfere with aligning with the guidance always available.


Cyndi Dale, intuition, intuitive reclaiming, childlike listening, new chakra healing, divine life, divine livingCyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker and intuitive consultant. Her books include the bestselling The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, New Chakra Healing, and revised in an all new edition The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, Advanced Chakra Healing, Everyday Clairvoyant, Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life, Energetic Boundaries and The Intuition Guidebook.




To learn more About Cyndi Dale and her products, services and classes please visit:







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Connecting Mind, Body And Spirit: Our Natural Way of Being

The attainment of “Body, Mind, Spirit” is not some far-out ideal only attained by eight hours of meditation a day, hours of intense daily yoga, or shaving your head and donning a monk’s robe.  It is our innate way of being.

Sometime in the early 1900’s, societies moved away from this natural state by creating an inner “split” or division of who we are as humans. The responsibility of the mind went to the government in the form of state education, our bodies offered up to the scientific and medical communities and the spirit to organized religion and  churches.

Let’s address the effects of that split within each area.

How we educate our minds.
In our modern educational institutions, the inherent wisdom of parents and family is removed from the equation. All the focus is on our mind and brains as a giant collective. There is no thought given to the unique needs of the individual’s creativity, emotions, or spirit. The cost of this neglect is a constant overriding of who we are innately. Children learn from an early age “don’t feel – just think,”  which is detrimental to our well being.

How we heal our bodies.
Doctors treat symptoms, not human beings.  If you have a problem with your liver, it’s not only the liver that needs attention, it’s the whole of who you are and the interconnectedness within your physical body as well your mind and spirit that needs to be addressed.  Let’s not forget that no two people are alike. We do need science to treat the symptom, but we should also look closer at the individual cause.  There are numerous studies that prove that our body’s biochemistry is inseparable from emotions and our energy. Our brain, glands and immune system are in constant communication.

How we connect to something bigger than ourselves.
Much of organized religion asks us to follow dogmatic belief and to completely cut ourselves off from our own internal wisdom.  Many religions ask their followers to believe that only god knows and ask us to succumb and surrender to an omnipotent being who is “higher ‘ above and separate from us, instead of teaching us to look within.  They give us instruction on how to “act in spiritual ways” rather than acknowledging that we are spirit.  Religion has put an emphasis on needing to relate, often fearfully, to God as other, instead of teaching that we are connected to, and indeed part of God.

The truth of our being is that you have all the information you need to awaken inside of you.

We’re not conditioned to talk about it, because most business models are based on invalidating and dis-empowering us in order to buy or use their services.  Yet within our core – our connectedness is there. It is underneath all the invalidation and dis-empowerment that we carry in our bodymind.

If you are looking to release the blocks of the bodymind, here are three steps to get started:body mind spirit photo

  1. Start looking at your internal talk. More than likely, most of your internal chatter is not serving you. You would never talk to a friend the way you are talking to yourself.  So inhale. Wave good-bye to the invalidation and say “Hello, validation.”  This is a process of letting go of all that old energy.
  2. When you notice you are stressed, angry etc, pay attention. Acknowledge the emotion. And STOP where you are. Yes, no matter where you are. Just say to yourself “Stop.” Then breathe five full breaths. Emotions might come up – let them. If you need to cry, great go ahead. If you are angry, just let that happen too. And breathe…
  3. Write down or think of 5 things you are grateful for and really feel them – even say them out loud.  You will quickly feel a shift in how you feeling.

This three-step process, validating your emotions, breathing deeply and harnessing the power of gratitude may feel awkward at first. In time and with practice,it will get easier and easier until it becomes second nature to incorporate these steps into your daily life. You are an amazing human being. Breathe in the essential amazing-ness of who you are. Enjoy.


It is important to create balance in your life by nurturing your whole person. Kismet Salem is an L.M.T., Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapist, Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Associated Polarity Practitioner. In this guide created especially for readers, Salem outlines her unique technique to integrate energy work with structural body therapy and somatic emotional release.

Artwork by - a beautiful website full of meaningful art worth checking out!

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