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Could You Be An Empath? 12 Signs You Are:

traits of an empath

All of my life I have felt different and struggled with things that didn’t seem to bother other people. Over the years I have learned that I am more sensitive than most. Things affect me on a cellular level, and since I was a child, I have been absorbing other people’s emotions.  

As a child, I often preferred to be alone in my room because it was the only time I felt at peace and in control.  Learning to protect myself from people and environments that did not suit me was a hard lesson to learn.  There have been unexplained bouts of depression and extreme sensitivities and confusion that caused isolation.  Literally taking on others’ pain and heartache.  Years of absorbing other people’s toxic energy has put a toll on my immune system.  Unknowingly trying to create love in a world of fear.  

Everything I went through has been classic signs of being an empath.  

(Editor’s note: Empath is the term commonly used in describing one’s abilities (sensitivity) to another’s emotions and feelings. Empaths have a deep sense of knowing that accompanies empathy and are often compassionate, considerate, and understanding of others. Click here for complete definition of an Empath.)

Here are a list of traits to check to see if you are an empath:

1 -Do you sense who people are right away? Beyond intuition, empaths feel on a deeper level and intuitively know things.

2 – Do people open up to you and tell you things that they have never told anybody before, even on the first time meeting them?

3 – Do you often cry and have bouts of depression for no reason at all?

4 – Do you feel other people’s sadness, darkness, or pain?

5 -Do you have to urinate often? Urinating is one way of releasing and flushing but there are many other forms.

6 – Do you find it almost unbearable to be around crowds of people and loud music?

7 – Do you suffer from asthma or an auto immune disease?

8 – Do you bring out the truth in people? It is almost impossible to lie to an empath.

9 – Do you suffer from abandonment? If loved ones are not ready for their truth, they will run. Empaths bring the truth out in people without even knowing it.

10 -Do you have a deep connection to nature and animals? Most empaths have to have at least one animal and be close to nature.

11 – Do you crave solitude? It is an absolute necessity for empaths to have alone time.

12 – Do your emotions change – depending on who you come into contact with?


Assuming you answered yes to most of the above, here are things that you can do to protect yourself and be the light worker you were meant to be:

Put up invisible barriers or boundaries to protect your energy field. Imagine a white bubble around yourself or mirrors facing outward. Do this visualization daily and especially before you know that you are going to be in a crowded or spiritually dark place.

Sage yourself through out the day. Cleanse your aura with sage to release any negativity that you may have taken on without knowing it.

Bells, chimes can also be used to clear your energy field so that you do not absorb harmful energy.

Epsom salt baths are a great way to cleanse yourself of any unwanted energy and the ocean goes without saying could be one of natures best remedies for cleaning ones slate.

Crystals are a great tool for enhancing clarity, strength, and intuition. I always have a crystal near me either as a necklace, ring or in my purse.

Ground yourself with a meditation or a yoga practice. Something that you can do to tune in to differentiate your feelings and others feelings that you may have taken on.

Realize that you can not help everyone. Steer clear of energy vampires that drain you and enable you to help others that will benefit from your light.

Don’t ignore your instinct . Follow your gut, and if it says a place or person is bad, don’t ignore it.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. – Francis Bacon



About The Author:

Jesse Golden grew up in Chicago as a ballerina in her Mother’s dance studio. She started modeling at 18 and now calls Los Angelesjessie golden model, yogi home. Modeling and acting has been her bread and butter, but her passion lies in health, spirituality, and empowering others to find their own path to fulfillment . Jesse’s life has not been without struggle, coming from a difficult childhood, to being a single Mother and struggling with an autoimmune disease. She has an optimistic approach to life and all of it’s windfall. She shares with you what has helped her overcome life’s challenges in an accessible way so that everyone can listen, not just the choir.

Jesse is currently becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner and is  certified hatha Yoga teacher.  You can learn more about her mission at

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How to Keep the Flow When Lethargy Hits

keep the creative flow

Inspiration rises up in us all the time. Strong waves come up we can easily hear. Other flames are quieter, more serpentine. And other musings have been running in us throughout our lives like deep rivers, giving form to our innate selves.

But what happens when we don’t act on, and get into a habit of “shelving”, our inspired ideas?

It may be a bold statement at first glance, but I think the voice of the critic and the voice of the muse are the same voice. The Kali and Venus of inspiration, if you will. I got this idea from Shiloh Sophia doing her Blooming Artist series a couple of years ago and from what I’ve seen in myself and others it’s really the truth.

It goes like this: You get an inspired idea and you act on it. The momentum you feel is exciting and elevating. The more you go with it, the stronger your connection to your inspiration, aka. the muse, grows and more ideas come. Seeing what good results you’re getting and how much better you feel, you become more open to taking risks. You begin to feel more confident. New things start happening because of your openness and you become even more enthusiastic about your life because of the elevated feeling of flow you’re experiencing. This is the delicious electric feeling of flow we all love.


You get an inspired idea and you don’t act on it. You’re afraid. You feel challenged or threatened by it and you resist taking action. You might even deny to yourself that you’re scared and instead believe you’re being logical or responsible. Regardless, your unwillingness acts like a damn blocking the flow of inspiration and the amount of energy it takes for you to resist, consciously or unconsciously, shows up as you feeling increasingly tired, insecure, and doubtful.

This is the same as when you let the vegetables in your garden, who once nourished you, go past ripe and become compost. There’s a sweet moment when the idea your muse is bringing you is ready and you have to grab it right then and SAY YES.

Otherwise… this inspirational food that wanted to nourish you turns and rots. And what instead starts to grow in you is self-criticism and lethargy which can look like doubt, nervousness, insecure self-talk, avoidance, fatigue, craving sugar and caffeine, or convincing yourself why you can’t/shouldn’t/won’t/don’t-know-how.

The degree of self-criticism, lethargy, and insecurity you experience is, to a very large degree, in direct proportion to how receptive you are to letting your muse guide your actions.

Life is an adventure. We’re here to continually expand ourselves and the range of life we inhabit. Life is full of risks – which only means we’re being continually inspired to expand what we consider to be our comfort zone. If you have a belief that resisting taking risks or avoiding LIVING life will keep you safe, think again. The truth is…

The more you express yourself, the more at home you will feel in yourself.

When I taught painting classes I’d sometimes see students go into shutdown and stare at their painting as if they were being threatened for their lives. When I’d ask what was happening, they’d first tell me something like “Nothing’s happening. I’m not creative. I can’t paint.” When I’d ask what was the last inspiration that had come to them they’d say “I had an idea to add a yellow stripe but I can’t. It will ruin the painting.” So their muse was calling them to take a risk but their fear of failure and need to do it right caused them to block the flow, immediately leading to feeling stuck and insecure. When I’d point this out, it usually took them a lot of will and courage to see through the fear-based control they were exerting and instead take a risk to paint the yellow stripe. But once they did, the inspired flow kicked right back in and in 5 or 10 minutes when I’d look over at them, they were happily painting.

More extreme was when I’d see students laying on the ground checking-out. It was the same scenario, only amplified. They’d complain “I’m so tired. I can’t do this. I need to go home and sleep. I really hate painting today.” After some investigation usually what came out was they were terrified of making a mistake and were sure that every brush stroke they made was confirming how much they sucked at painting. They were so caught up in resistance and self-judgment they were literally drowning in it, lying on the floor feeling unable to get up and re-engage with the flow.

This it’s exactly what every one of us does when we resist taking action on the inspired ideas that come to us. You can see it in the moment-to-moment flux of your thoughts and energy through the day. You feel drawn to work out, sing, dance, put on a particular piece of music, start a project, reach out to someone, write a blog post, share something online, communicate something to your coworker, etc. When you do it you feel great! When you don’t your energy dips and if you don’t catch yourself, you probably start believing something’s wrong with you.

The spell and program of this habit is deep but you actually have the key to unlocking it in your hand and it’s this: The next time you notice self-judgment, doubt, or lethargy show up in you instead of believing it, ask yourself: WHAT INSPIRED IDEA(S) ARE COMING TO ME THAT I’M RESISTING? It might take you a minute to hear it but once you do, TAKE ACTION.

Oh, you don’t have time? You don’t know how? You’re afraid of how that will look? Guess what – the inspiration that’s coming to you is aiming to get you to break through these sorts of fears so you can be more free. So don’t sell yourself short by coming up with cop outs. Decide expansion, feeling energized, and enjoying a full-range of life is more important that the strong-hold of familiarity you’re already accustomed to.

If an inspired idea comes to you, and especially if it keeps coming to you, take action. Taking one aspect of our lives, such as self-judgment (which is a completely unproductive way to spend even one moment of sweet our lives let alone the giant swaths we habitually give it) and changing how we focus and respond to it for a period of time can produce amazingly empowering results. So just imagine what might be possible for you if you made it your business to listen to your inspirations and take action. And not just once, but on a daily basis, say – for a month. I’m willing to bet that in a really short period of time you would feel lighter, more confident, energized, and in the flow. And your life would begin to look quite different because of the energized frequency you’re generating. I’m going to leave you with one last thing to consider as you roll this around in your mind, a gem I read on a friend’s Facebook wall recently, and it’s this:

Procrastinating is avoiding feeling.

Ohhhhhhh, that cuts deep down to the heart of the matter. What else is left after that than to SAY YES?

Robin Clark is a holistically oriented life coach and portrait photographer for women, blogger, and artist. A catalyst for clarity, empowered living, and robin clark life coachexpression, Robin has worked with hundreds of women in the past 15 years to deepen their self-awareness and step into the role of creators in their lives. To find out more, you can see her practitioner bio on here, or visit her website. You can also find her on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter at @loverobinclark
If you enjoyed this article by Robin, check out: Evolve: 5 Ways to Be More Intentional With Your Life.
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Sandplay: The Therapy of the East & West

We are fortunate in today’s society that we are offered an excess of therapeutic avenues.  Whether you prefer a yoga retreat, counselor’s office or quiet temple time, there are more ways than ever to reconnect with your spiritual side.

One such therapy that has slipped under the mainstream radar is sandplay therapy.  While it may sound like child’s play, it is actually utilized for all ages.

Sandplay is a practice that does not fit the usual categories. It is a spiritual practice that integrates the seemingly opposite traditions of east-west, mind-body.  Dora Kalff, Jungian therapist, developed sandplay therapy in Switzerland in the 1950s and ’60s based on her studies at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, in Tibetan Buddhism, and with Margaret Lowenfeld, in England.

During a sandplay session, miniature objects and symbols are used to create scenes in small sand trays. By using visual images for self-expression, unconscious feelings and attitudes emerge.

This stimulates the conscious mind to expand and become aware of what has been hidden in the unconscious. In this way, sandplay releases internal pain, heals past trauma, expands consciousness, and provides a platform for psychological transformation and spiritual awakening – all because you let self-expression take over in the sand tray.

Think about children in an actual sandbox.  They can spend hours there.  Do you ever ask yourself, “Why”?

Sand itself is therapeutic.  It is of the Earth and we are naturally drawn to seek connection with Mother Nature.  While it may seem a child is aimlessly drawing lines in the sand, they are most likely working through something, conscious of that or not.  Many doctor’s offices have zen garden sand trays that offer an outlet for anxious patients for this reason as well.

Sandplay therapist, Gita Morena, says, “There are those who find difficulty communicating effectively and sandplay is just enough blend of reality and imagination that it opens them up to a way of comfortably explaining what they are feeling.”

Individuals are allowed to create their sand scene any way they wish by simply doing whatever comes to him or her. Some begin with an idea, others have no idea what they might make and let intuition take over. Some people chat while creating their scene, others remain quiet and in thought. Once all the miniatures have been placed in the tray, positioned as desired and display the patient’s inner story, the interconnectedness of the tray’s contents is immediately felt and reflected upon.

Sandplay is a beautiful visual reminder that the answers we seek are already within us.  We just have to present ourselves with the opportunity to reflect on those questions.

If you enjoyed this article, you will also like to learn about another alternative therapeutic practice:  Sound Therapy. You can also learn more about sandplay therapy here

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Five Steps to Reclaiming Your Intuition – By Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale, reclaiming intuition, inner voice, spiritual, chakra healing, Divine life, Divine eneergy

Intuition is often called the “small voice within,” but even a tiny voice must be heard or it will disappear. And there are plenty of reasons our intuition may have gone silent.

Think about how LOUD life is. There is work shouting, “do me;” bills whispering, “you forgot me,” and if your house is anything like my mine, kids and dogs constantly begging, “feed me.” We’re so busy we often can’t even hear ourselves thinking—much less pause in-between Emails to attend to incoming intuitive messages.

It wasn’t always this way, was it? Remember the precious moments when you were “in the flow?” As an adult, perhaps your intuition was last active during a dream or when you needed spiritual guidance. Perhaps you provided insight to a friend or received a much-needed sign for yourself. For many of us, our intuitive channels were most open when we were children, before we learned that we weren’t supposed to believe in fairies, hear the poetry in the wind, or listen to our dreams. What we knew, we simply “knew;” and “that was that. “

Intuition is the key to a loving and joyful life. It’s our soul’s way of speaking to us, the Greater Spirit’s way of communing with us, the world’s way of telling us what to attend to. How can we reawaken, reaffirm, and regroup the gift that attunes us to the very life we’re meant to be living?

Here are a few steps that can reboot a lagging intuition and return you to your truth:

1. Remember.

Think back to the last time you followed an intuitive urge. How did you know your intuition was contacting you? How did the situation turn out?

2. Decipher.

There are four main types of intuition. Review your memories and decide which of the following are your strongest. Physically kinesthetic intuition involves recognizing messages through bodily awareness, including physical sensations, emotions, smell, and the sense of touch. Spiritually kinesthetic intuition centers on simply “knowing” the truth. Verbal intuition includes hearing psychic words, tones, music, or messages. Visual intuition entails seeing intuitive images, pictures, “slide shows,” and colors, when awake or dreaming.

3. Release.

Now ask yourself what gets in the way of tuning into your intuition. These resistance points could include fears, such as of being judged, receiving information that is scary, or looking foolish; misperceptions, such as that intuition is hard or not acceptable in your religion; or trust issues, such as doubting your own intuitive abilities.

4. Practice.

Ask questions of your higher or intuitive self or the Divine on everyday matters. For instance, ask to sense, know, hear, or see what to make for dinner or to wear that day. The more you use your intuition, the more available it will be for you.

5. Be grateful.

Thank yourself or the Divine every time your intuition pays off. If you smile at it, it will smile back—and open it’s “mouth” even wider. Know, too, that finding “intuitive moments” doesn’t need to be hard. In a moment of confusion, breathe deeply and ask for an intuitive insight. Get up in the morning and ask for intuitive guidance throughout the day. Grab a book and ask to open to the page you need to read. Even the busyness of life—especially the busyness of life—doesn’t need to interfere with aligning with the guidance always available.


Cyndi Dale, intuition, intuitive reclaiming, childlike listening, new chakra healing, divine life, divine livingCyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker and intuitive consultant. Her books include the bestselling The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, New Chakra Healing, and revised in an all new edition The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, Advanced Chakra Healing, Everyday Clairvoyant, Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life, Energetic Boundaries and The Intuition Guidebook.




To learn more About Cyndi Dale and her products, services and classes please visit:







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Instruction From a Psychic on How to Call Up Your Intuition

When one is intuitive about something, they are in a state of rapport with it. In this receptive state, your intuition can tell you intimate and important things nobody else will. It might tell you things your own mind argues with. Whatever the missive from within is, people choose to follow its challenging path because it also feels right–their intuition is speaking for their heart. And intuition is absolutely the superior tool of choice, when it comes to making important life decisions.

Why? Because listening to one’s heart is being in tune with a fundamental human wish to feel purpose and follow destiny. Every culture’s myths celebrate the heart’s intelligence. The intuition, like the heart, can identify what choice you’ll find fulfilling.


The intuition informs abruptly. In an instant, a person can know something to be true, understand something new. Many people have an intuitive flash as they’re falling asleep or just waking up. Perhaps this is because their psychological defense systems are down, and they are available for a wider range of communications.

Our intuition is always bringing us new knowledge. It makes us aware of what resonates or what is dissonant in our environment.

Almost everyone has experienced their own intuition. Millions of people can walk into a house for sale, and instantly know it’s the right place for them to live. (Or know it’s not.) For some couples, it took just one look to recognize their lifetime partner. Many people even experience their pets’ abilities “to know”. Dogs have been known to howl inconsolably at the moment of their master’s death, even if they’re separated by thousands of miles.

The intuition’s most important role is to indicate what, where, and whom is part of our being’s growth and fulfillment.  It can be frustrating for a seeking person, though, to wait for the moment when enlightenment arrives. You don’t have to. You can do a process in a couple of minutes to access your wise, intuitive self. Below is a guided meditation to do just that. I use one of a few (they are all on my website to try) in most private sessions, and know that people find it to be a quick and easy process.

Before you begin, here are the four most frequently asked questions my clients have about their intuition:

WHAT DOES THE INTUITION SOUND LIKE? Often, the inner voice is a quiet one. People are used to important things being said in a loud voice. It can also be cryptic and very quick. It can be visceral, like the hair standing up on your head, or your guts contracting (Do not proceed!). Or, in something like the guided meditation exercise below, it could be the voice of your mother or a best friend. While doing the accessing exercise, accept whatever you hear as your intuition.

HOW DO I TELL WHETHER IT’S MY IMAGINATION OR MY INTUITION? It is always both, because it is the imagination, with its ability to create pictures, that allows your intuitions to be delivered. The imagination provides tools that the intuition uses to send messages. It’s your imagination and your intuition working together/ Your imagination is activated by following along with the directions of the guided meditation. It leads you into the right frequency and resonance to receive awareness. It is functions to produce images and impressions the intuition is communicating.

Often, people end up feeling they are “making it up” when their intuition brings up something that they are afraid of doing, when it directs them into the unknown.  Before you begin to get attuned to your intuition, mentally check in with yourself and agree to allow in whatever truth might issue from your intuition. If you are not willing, your body will tell you by tensing up. The changing truth can most easily come on a relaxed and easy breath, when you’re willing to accept whatever you get.

HOW CAN I KEEP FROM HEARING ANYTHING BAD? To control the quality of information you get, all you have to do is set an intention and make it a healing ceremony. It is very simple to make a ceremony out of something. When we turn our cellphones off at dinner, we are making a ceremony out of it.

The simplest ceremony for this experience is to establish for yourself a safe and sacred space. All it takes is to make sure you won’t be interrupted, (turn off the phones, close the door), and hold in your mind the intention to receive whatever you need to know. If you like prayers, here’s the prayer I learned to commune on a spiritual level from my metaphysical teacher, Eric Teissedre. He would say this before going into a channeling trance:

“I am beginningless, I am endless, I am timeless, I am spaceless. I am in thee, thou art in me, together forever, we are One.”

WHAT IF NO ONE ANSWERS? You can always try again later, just as if you were calling someone who didn’t happen to be home. Some peoples’ inner self is very surprised to be contacted, and will respond more articulately when they try again. Some people have grown estranged from their intuition and their starting point in re-integrating with it may not be to call it up.

CLICK HERE to listen to the GUIDED IMAGERY script of your choice.

Below is a written version of “CALLING UP YOUR INTUITION” :

The purpose of the exercise is to get in touch with your intuition.

Know that in your imagination, you can do anything, including, calling up your intuition! All you need to do this exercise is your imagination.

To begin, think of something important that you want to know. What do you want your intuition to shed light on? Put it into a question form in your mind, then let it go.

Now, take a couple of big deep breaths to relax. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Let your body sink into the chair. Get comfortable.

Imagine yourself inside your home, by the door you use when you go outside. In your imagination, open the door and walk outside. Make it a nice day. Look around and locate a telephone…perhaps it’s an old-fashioned telephone booth right outside your door or in the street. Maybe it’s a cellphone on a bench.

When you see the telephone, go up to it. You’re going to use the phone to call up your intuition, so pick a phone number. Perhaps it’s your own number, or a family member’s, or a phone number from childhood.

Make yourself comfortable, then remember the question you want to ask your intuition.

Pick up on phone, dial the number you just chose, and let it ring. If anyone answers, assume it’s your intuition. Say “Hi” and ask your question. Then just listen for the answer.

When the call is over, hang up, and in your imagination, walk back into the house and then to where you are presently located. You might want to write down what you got.

Instead of actual words or thoughts, you can also get a strong and informative feeling as an answer to your question, or a picture will appear in your mind’s eye. Know you can call up your intuitive self any time, using this method. Acknowledge yourself for tuning into your inner guidance system.

Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She gives workshops nationally in psychic development and is a featured radio guest. Elissa writes for and produces a monthly prediction newsletter available online. Her website has many free features readers can use to develop their own psychic ability.  Her specialties are spiritual healing and energy release work, clairvoyant reading and divination.

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What are your intuitive thoughts?  Practice accessing and share with us.  

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