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Why Are We Here?

We created this site to address a misconception among many of our friends who thought a burgeoning interest in spirituality was only for bamboo-wearing, crystal-toting, hippie types or that it alternatively required renouncing our homes, jobs, busy lives, friends and families.


But as we looked up from our downward dog we noticed the cool creative director from the ad agency. When we opened our eyes in meditation class we recognized the DJ who lives next door. We wondered what had brought them and if, like us, they’d been turned off by a lot of what we’d encountered along the way: False promises, inaccessible and hokey at times—we’d seen it all and had to pick our way thru to find the good stuff.


There are many out there that share our enthusiasm for exploring spiritual literature, positive psychology, alternative health and wellness practices, as well as classes and retreats. They took a class, followed by another, moved on to a book or two, and, before they knew it, they were on a journey to discover what they truly are.


This site was made with the creative community in mind, for those who want to stay connected in a challenging world. It’s a place to be inspired, to find what you’re looking for. It’s about the journey, and helping each other find our bliss.


Spiritual, Inspired, Well-thy. It’s your journey. Call it what you like.


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