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Take Me To Your EarthShip: Mother Earth’s Favorite Neighborhood

If you’re on this site, chances are you are a conscious individual.  We’re conscious about a lot of things: health, spirituality, the planet and our prosperity just to name a few conscious factors.  You probably shop at stores that support local farmers, recycle and conserve your resources.  We all want to do what we can, not just because it makes us feel good, but because it’s a big THANK YOU to our dear Mother Earth.

Well, what if I told you there is something out there that satisfies your higher-consciousness efforts on all levels- and you can live in it?

Let me take you to your Earthship. (No really, they are called Earthships.) And while jokes may roll about the name, don’t call it a global “trend.” For the architects behind these Earthships and the residents who live in them, it’s a veritable blueprint for what the future of housing might — and should — be like. With more to their resume than just style and affordability, they are fast becoming a rational solution to combat the wastefulness associated with traditional modern housing.

Earthships are made from 100% natural & recycled supplies, and sustain their own food, water and energy resources.

Designed to meet all standard building codes, Earthships are fashioned from tires, cans, bottles, concrete and limited lumber are compiled into creative mosaics all throughout the home. As artistic as these homes can be, they won’t be hampering your vacation plans because crews are routinely known to complete an Earthship in two months.  Talk about energy efficiency!

Unlike regular homes, each Earthship is an independent vessel. They use solar or wind energy for power. Rainwater is caught from a roof with a potable surface, channeled through silt catches into cisterns, then gravity-fed into a water-organizing module with a pump and filter. Waste water and sewage is drained and filtered via linear, biologically-developed gray-water treatment and containment systems. Propane tanks, refilled each year, offer gas for stove-top cooking. And fresh produce is grown onsite via indoor food production areas and veggie beds.

When the power goes out in town, Earthship community members still have warm homes, Internet, working fridges and lights. Plus, Earthship community members don’t pay any utility bills.

With continued interest rising, Earthships have been spotted in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Haiti, Bolivia, Scotland, England, Belgium and France. And contrary to popular belief, the residents of Earthship Communities are not all “granola environmentalists,” hermit-like survivalists and staunch anti-capitalists. Rather, most people in Earthship homes are just “regular people” with a myriad of interests and motivations.

Want to test out an Earthship?

There are many for rent in the original Earthship community near Taos, New Mexico.  

Intrigued? Check out an array of designs for yourself and watch to see how Earthships are created.  If you would like to know more about Earthships visit their website:



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May 10 – Woman and Earth are Inseparable

women and mother earth

“Our long motherless period is coming to a close. Hopefully, too, the long period of our mistreatment of earth is being terminated. If it is not terminated, if we fail to perceive not only our earth origin but also our continuing dependence on our earth-mother, then our failure will be due in no small measure to the ephemeral spiritualities that have governed our own thoughts, attitudes, and actions.”

“…The emergence of the new age of human culture will necessarily be an age dominated by the symbol woman. This, too, depends on the identification of woman with the earth and its creativity. Woman and Earth are inseparable. The fate of one is the fate of the other. This association is given in such a variety of cultural developments throughout the world in differing historical periods that it is hardly possible to disassociate the two. Earth consciousness, woman consciousness; these two go together. Both play a stupendous role in the spirituality of humans as well as in the structure of civilizations. Our alienation from the earth, from ourselves, and from a truly creative man-woman relationship in an overly masculine mode of being, demands a reciprocal historical period in which not only a balance will be achieved but even, perhaps, a period of feminine emphasis.”

~Thomas Berry

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She’s Alive. She Breathes. She Feels. She’s Worth Dying for.

Earth Day is Monday, April 22, and this video just might be the most emotionally connective works of art we’ve come across in our search for the best content to celebrate this awesome planet we inhabit.

This piece manages to capture the infinite beauty and strength of Mother Earth while presenting us with the powerful reminder of just how sensitive and delicate she is.

It also celebrates some of the heroes who have given their own lives to protect her.   And we also are celebrating those people on Earth Day – If you know an eco-warrior, an activist or volunteer who dedicates their time to solving our Earth’s crisis, send them a love bomb. It just might be the toughest job in the world!

She is not yet gone – she is still alive.  Enjoy:

Do you know an activist, volunteer or eco-warrior that you want to thank?  Let’s set up a circle of gratitude for them here!

If you liked this article, you will enjoy: Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot.  And “The Profound Interconnection of Life – An Astronaut’s Perspective.” 

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