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Even Buddha Had Bad Days

even buddha had bad days

Bad days happen to everyone, even the spiritually enlightened person. Yes, even Buddha had bad days.

Neither a spiritual practice, meditation nor prayer can exempt us from a full-range of emotions.  What they can provide is the awareness and the ability to help us develop our thoughts in such a way that they can manage the emotional scale.

You have not failed if you have a bad day.  Buddha had bad days.  Jesus had bad days.  Muhammad had bad days.  You will not meet a single physically manifested being (whether they are an ascended master or not) that is exempt from contrast and so you will not meet a single physically manifested being who is in alignment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  To expect this from anyone is cruelty.

Author and spiritual catalyst, Teal Scott narrates the following video, highlighting how our journey to enlightenment is like becoming a master surfer. Just as surfers learn to respect the ocean’s large waves and strong current, we also learn to release resistance to attaining the “perfect” path to enlightenment and learn to utilize life’s waves to our advantage.

Surfers will spend years perfecting their skill. Likewise, spiritual practice is just that… It is a practice.  It is still a practice for those who are spiritual masters.  Alignment is something that we have to maintain.  It is not a prize that we reach and then we are granted alignment forever no matter what we think or do.  Alignment and enlightenment are not something that is bestowed to us once we prove ourselves worthy.  It is something we constantly maintain.  We choose to come into alignment or not in each moment, just as a surfer has a choice with each approaching wave.

Share this with someone who could use the reminder that it’s ok to have a bad day.  

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ARTWORK ABOVE:  By Nathan Winsor – buy these beautiful prints of surfing Buddha here.

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See It Again For the First Time

I have a question for you:

What if you were seeing everything — and everyone — for the first time today?

What if nothing was familiar and nothing was already labeled as “good” or “bad” or this or that — if nothing carried any “baggage”?

If that were the case, then what would you see? What would you feel or feel compelled to do?

This came to me as I was walking down the hallway in our house this morning. That’s about as boring and mundane as it gets in life, isn’t it? The hallway. Is the hallway ever a destination? No, when you’re in a hallway, you’re in all-out “point A to point B” mode, aren’t you?

But as I was walking down the hall today, something “clicked” in my mind and for a split second, I remembered walking down that hall on the first morning I woke up in our new house several years ago. On that morning, the hallway was amazing! Every step I took through the house was amazing… because we had just moved in from an old, cramped apartment, and I was grateful.

How easily we can go from being grateful to taking something for granted.

I’m thankful that I was able to experience that initial amazement in the hallway once again today, and I’m sharing this with you as a reminder and an encouragement:

Try to recapture some amazement in your life today.

Have certain people or things blended into the background of your daily routine? It happens to all of us. Today, though — or better yet, right now — make a point to look around and see who or what you can see for the first time, again. 

Shawn Ellis speakerAbout our Guest Writer: Shawn Ellis is inspiring people worldwide to rise above the busyness of life and work by reminding them “This Moment Matters.”

As an inspirational keynote speaker, husband, father and business leader, he is very aware of how each moment matters for overall life satisfaction (even the “hallway” moments).  Shawn would like to gift the community with a free “This Moment Matters” Manifesto you can post in a spot where you will be reminded of the power held in a simple moment.

Shawn is available for coaching and speaking engagements around the country. Learn more about his offerings here.

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The Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Pep Talk

Motivation can change the result of your day, by simply changing your attitude.  Coaches rely on pre-game pep talks to ignite drive in their players, and cheerleaders hold pep-rallys to get the crowd amped for the show.  Pre-battle speeches from movies such as Braveheart are ingrained in our minds because of their ambitious power.

Even our spiritual lives can use a good pep-rally here and there and Holstee is up for the challenge. They are a community inspired mindful living project and their manifesto has reached the far corners of the globe, for good reason, it will rock your inspire-dial.

May this video surge you with a surplus of spiritual inspiration to carry into the week ahead:

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Happiness Flow Chart

Happiness Flow Chart

We love this design collaboration by Alex Koplin and David Meiklejohn. Its a great little piece of art — as well as some clarity and motivation—for your office wall.


You can get a 16×24-inch print at:

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