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Oprah Talks to Dave About Meditation

oprah talks to dave about meditation

Oprah continues on her mission to spread the word about meditation to the mainstream, in a great, albeit subtle moment during her interview on Letterman’s Late Show last week.

“Do you meditate?” Oprah asked Dave, saying immediately, “I can tell you don’t! Never mind! I’m just being polite.”

“I do,” said Dave.

“I don’t believe you!” she replied.

“Why would I lie about that?” he asked.

“Yeah, why would you lie about that?”

“I’m meditating right now,” he cracked.

And when Dave asked her mantra, Oprah would only whisper it in his ear.

“That’s mine!” he said.



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Three Ways to Tell if Your Path is…Yours

We love quick bits of inspiration just as much as you, and this three minute clip of Oprah and author, Caroline Myss, just could be the most important three minutes of your day.

Caroline reminds us:

1) When your life path starts to harm you, it’s time to sit back and realize you’ve taken a detour.  Your intuition has been speaking to you because it wants to get you back on track.

2) If you constantly feel drained and depleted on you path, you have most likely betrayed what you knew was right for yourself somewhere along the way. To betray yourself is the worst betrayal. It’s like consciously taking portions of poison.

3) You’re NEVER on the WRONG path…You’re just not managing your path well.

But of course it’s better in her own words – enjoy:

How do you select your path?  What signals do you look for/follow? 

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Snatam Kaur: You Know You’ve Made it When Oprah Gives You Her Nod

Snatam Kaur and Oprah

If there’s one thing we know about Oprah, it’s when she likes something…she shares it.  Be it her favorite causes, books, movies or music, she always shines a light on quality, praise-worthy endeavors.

In the latest edition of “O The Oprah Magazine”, Oprah wrote about loving Snatam Kaur (she plays her music everyday before meditation) and having a surprise Snatam concert for her birthday.  Her dear friend Maria Shriver, who also listens to Snatam everyday, had arranged for Snatam to come in and sing for her, including her favorite “Ong Namo”.

Oprah wrote on hearing Snatam sing, “It’s a moment I’ll savor forever.”  Likewise, those of us who have connected to our very core through Snatam Kaur and her incredible music, agree. Many hospices play her music for their patients with soul soothing results and even juvenile detention halls have started implementing her music to provide a calm, gentle vibe to their centers.

With the word spreading, it’s no wonder Snatam Kaur is one of the most popular New Age artists of our time, selling over 70,000 albums a year. Her albums have topped New Age Retailer’s Top 20 lists for the past nine years.  One of those years, she was the only artist to have 3 albums in the Top 20 in a single year. Needless to say, we know stats don’t lie, and Oprah doesn’t either.  Snatam Kaur’s music will touch your heart and like Oprah, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself.

Listen to Snatam’s most popular song, “Long Time Sun”.  

Feel like you’ve been touched by an angel?  If you would like to support and purchase Snatam Kaur’s entire album, visit our Amazon store

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