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How to Hack Life: Lessons from a 13-Year-Old

Sometimes it takes the wisdom of a child, or in this case, a teenager to really wake us up and show us what matters.


In this amazing TedTalk, 13 year old Logan LaPlante points out that Sir Kenneth Robinson made the most watched TedTalk of all time called “Schools Kill Creativity” . With over 15 million views, it brought up a key problem in modern society:  Education.  Schools not only kill creativity but they don’t encourage kids to learn life values like being happy – or to be themselves. Schools encourage kids to conform, which leads to depression. Everyone raved about how right Sir Kenneth Robinson was, yet nothing has changed. Parents and schools applauded, but went back to behavior as usual.

Logan’s answer to this (with the help of his parents) is to “hack life.”  To forgo the path that society laid out for him and asks all children to conform to, and instead to create his own path of learning and becoming.

As Logan points out, when adults say, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  they anticipate answers such as, “neurosurgeon” or “lawyer”.  Where did the creativity go?  And why don’t we start with the question “what would make you happy and healthy?” Logan points out that discovering what makes you healthy and happy, if it’s taught at all, is taught separate FROM school.  Education is important, but so is being happy and healthy…which is the aspiration we all seek.  So, why are these fundamental values of life not considered part of our “education”?

13-year-old Logan outlines 8 ways to “hack life” and ensure kids (and adults) are happy and healthy:

1) Exercise
2) Diet and nutrition
3) Time in nature
4) Contribution and service
5) Relationships
6) Recreation
7) Relaxation and stress management
8) Religious and spiritual

What did you think about the video?  Has it inspired you to make any changes? 

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