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See It Again For the First Time

I have a question for you:

What if you were seeing everything — and everyone — for the first time today?

What if nothing was familiar and nothing was already labeled as “good” or “bad” or this or that — if nothing carried any “baggage”?

If that were the case, then what would you see? What would you feel or feel compelled to do?

This came to me as I was walking down the hallway in our house this morning. That’s about as boring and mundane as it gets in life, isn’t it? The hallway. Is the hallway ever a destination? No, when you’re in a hallway, you’re in all-out “point A to point B” mode, aren’t you?

But as I was walking down the hall today, something “clicked” in my mind and for a split second, I remembered walking down that hall on the first morning I woke up in our new house several years ago. On that morning, the hallway was amazing! Every step I took through the house was amazing… because we had just moved in from an old, cramped apartment, and I was grateful.

How easily we can go from being grateful to taking something for granted.

I’m thankful that I was able to experience that initial amazement in the hallway once again today, and I’m sharing this with you as a reminder and an encouragement:

Try to recapture some amazement in your life today.

Have certain people or things blended into the background of your daily routine? It happens to all of us. Today, though — or better yet, right now — make a point to look around and see who or what you can see for the first time, again. 

Shawn Ellis speakerAbout our Guest Writer: Shawn Ellis is inspiring people worldwide to rise above the busyness of life and work by reminding them “This Moment Matters.”

As an inspirational keynote speaker, husband, father and business leader, he is very aware of how each moment matters for overall life satisfaction (even the “hallway” moments).  Shawn would like to gift the community with a free “This Moment Matters” Manifesto you can post in a spot where you will be reminded of the power held in a simple moment.

Shawn is available for coaching and speaking engagements around the country. Learn more about his offerings here.

If you liked this article by Shawn, you will also enjoy: “Life Doesn’t Get Better by Chance –It Gets Better by Choice”.

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An Acre of Attitudes

Positive attitude, positive thinking, forward thinking, Anne Lamott

Everyone is given an acre of attitudes at birth. It’s yours to tend and garden and weed and live with. You can plant bitterness or good humor. Feel free to fertilize and tend the feelings and approaches that you want to spend time with. Unless you hurt someone, this acre is all yours.

Probably worth putting up a decent fence, so that only the attitudes that you choose will have a chance to put down seeds, but it’s certainly a bad idea to put up a wall, because a walled garden is no good to anyone passing by. You get to decide what comes through your fence gate, right?

Watching out for invasive species—spending sufficient time on weeding and pruning and staking seem to be incredibly powerful tools for accomplishing the life you want. I refuse to accept that an attitude is an accident of birth or an unchangeable constant. That would be truly horrible to contemplate.

Good luck with your garden.

-Seth Godin, Author

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How to Transform Anger and Pessimism Into Positive Energy

Spirituality, Eckhart Tolle, positive energy, positive thinking, understanding anger, positive transformation

When you feel anger rising up from the pit of your stomach in a response to a situation, not reacting to this explosive energy can be challenging for even the most Zen of us. However, suppressing and ignoring it will only put a lid on this powerful emotion and lay the foundations for a bigger eruption later on.

So how can we deal with anger and pessimism in a healthy way so it transforms into positive energy?

In this insightful 13-minute video, the legendary Eckhart Tolle answers this question by revealing how we can become aware of what’s fueling our anger, how to distinguish it as being separate from who we are, and how to use it to harness our spiritual practice.


What techniques or practices do you use when you feel anger rising?


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