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John Lennon on God

“I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.”
― John Lennon“I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong.”<br /><br /><br /><br />
― John Lennon</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>The Mind Unleashed

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What Humans Can Learn From the Spiritual Life of Elephants

what elephants can teach humans

Throughout history elephants have been revered. They are most intelligent creatures, and honoured by many cultures for their strength, intelligence and nobility. As well as being the largest land animals, they are also have some of the longest lives in the animal kingdom, with life spans of 60+ years. They are fiercely loyal to their families and tribes, and in Buddhist tradition, the elephant symbolizes wisdom, patience, and longevity.  Buddha picked the form of a white elephant as one of his many incarnations, thus the rare appearance of a white elephant is still heralded as a manifestation of the gods. The Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, has the head of an elephant.

Researchers in Thailand are now proving that, because elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror (joining only humans, apes and dolphins as animals that possess this kind of self-awareness)  they also have the capacity to see the world from someone else’s point of view. Pyscologists call this “theory of mind.” And they believe it’s the basic ingredient of religious behavior, because in order to imagine the mind of god, you must have a theory of mind.

This fascinating video explains how elephants demonstrate that they have the mental tool that underpins spirituality in humans:



In both scientific and ancient spiritual terms, elephants serve to teach us that gentleness, commitment, and communication in relationships is both powerful and necessary to honor our relationships and to demonstrate trust and love, whether it be friends, family or partner. Deeply committed to all creatures with whom they have relationships, elephants are tough when protecting others and gentle when nurturing them. The matriarch (the oldest, most experienced female leader of a herd) leads in a way that is both gentle and inclusive. Elephants are able to communicate with each other telepathically. This can teach us not only greater self-awareness, but how to truly see…and hear others.



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“Mothering” and The Moral Strength of Women

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there Mothering - a way of being in the world, of nurturing and cultivating the highest within you, so that you can bring that to your family, your friends, and the planet.


In 1908 a woman named Anna Jarvis started a campaign in West Virgina to create a nationally recognized holiday to recognize mothers. People loved the idea, and it spread quickly. Hallmark and florists promoted it heavily to become what it is today.  (And Anna herself was reportedly already disappointed by it’s commercialization by 1920.)

While motherhood has not been a major topic of the modern world’s great spiritual leaders and teachers,  There are a lot of references in history to a unique spiritual trait of “mothering” that all women have.  Many natives and aboriginal tribes, as well as early Paleolithic and Neolithic reference great respect for the Clan Mother, or Earth Mother, and “Great Females,” who give birth to humans and all other beings and things, who are responsible for the cycles of nature, and on whom we depend on for life.  In fact, prior to the introduction of our modern, organized religions, all women and mothers were honored and revered for our unique feminine power, regardless of whether they physically gave birth to a child.  In fact, there’s plenty a PH.D paper on the web making the case that the men who wrote our modern Bibles intentionally left out this ancient wisdom, but that’s another topic…

Ohiyesa, a Dakota Indian, also known as Charles Alexander Eastman, wrote a book called “Soul of the Indian” in the early 1900′s to give voice to the spiritual vision and ways of the Native American people and his book provides many references to both the sacredness of Mother Earth and to the intertwined importance of the role of the mother in their society.  (Ohiyesa had many accomplishments, among them; he was a physician, lecturer, Native American activist, help to found the Boy Scouts, and received a degree from Dartmouth in 1887, and an M.D. from Boston University in 1880.)

Ohiyesa wrote this about Motherhood:

The Moral Strength of Women

In the woman is vested the standard of morals of our people. She is the silent but telling power behind all of life’s activities…Possessed of true feminine dignity and modesty, she is expected to be the equal of her mate in physical endurance and skill, and to share equally in the arduous duties of daily life. But she is superior in spiritual insight.   She is the spiritual teacher of the child, as well as its tender nurse, and she brings its developing soul into the world.  It is her responsibility to endow her child with nature’s gifts and powers, for we believe that from the moment of conception…it is her spiritual influence that matters most.

There is nothing artificial about her person, and very little insincerity in her character…. She is, in fact the moral salvation of our people.

Today, it IS clear that we have lost the power of the mother. When you look at our culture and media, there is no question why bullying has come in (even look at our presidential debates.)  Consider climate change, our wars, and the male domination in everything from video games to the sports we play. There is obviously an absence of the mothering intuition and female spirituality in our culture because we stopped living and teaching our essence.

Perhaps the Feminist Movement did move us off course.  When we put on our suits and marched into the meeting room, we followed men into THEIR way of being.   We can be more successful at work – and at home – by reclaiming our deep spiritual feminine power, and our natural connection to Mother Earth and her cycles.  The world would be well-served if we put our female intuitive – or mothering way of being – back into power, to build up our families, and to teach men (and especially our male leaders) our way of being.  It’s our collective intuition to care for others, for the world, and for this planet.

As Ohiyesa wrote, in the 1800’s, this is a massive responsibility, but it is our nature.  And as the Dali Lama said in 2009, “The world will be saved by the western woman.”

Photo: 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Read about their amazing story and mission to save Mother Earth.

Find Ohiyesa’s book and many other great recommendations in our store. (thanks for your support!)



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Tiny Time Machines

Tiny Time Machines Stealing Time Back

by Garni Sohrabian.

once upon a time, before clocks told the time

not yet tomorrow, after yesterday
the time is now, the day today

the clockmaker made a big noisy clock
strange it was and said tick tock tick tock

the time bandit, one noisy day
heard so much noise he could not play

he broke the clock to be free
and made it look like infinity

Garni Sohrabian started a shoe company with a friend right after college. It grew into into nineteen countries and everyone thought he had it all on the outside, but deep inside something was missing. After seven years, he sold his ownership in the shoe company to travel, write, and do some soul searching. After finally finding his soul again, he started tiny time machines with his fellow time bandit friend Armen Mahdessian. Now they break clocks and remind people to be here now. Or as they call it, “steal time back” from the clockmaker!

Be sure to check them out on Facebook.

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Take the plunge, marry yourself. Proclaim that you are fabulous!

Self Wedding 1Go on, take the plunge!

Marry someone who completely deserves your unconditional love… yourself! friends and all-round wonderful human beings Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers, want to spread more love in the world, and have set out to get people to “take the plunge and marry yourself.”

Having conducted a number of self-weddings, this husband and wife team are out to grow this idea in as many ways as possible. They see the self-wedding idea as a movement that spreads happiness.  ”Love doesn’t start with the idea of waiting for the right one to complete you. Love starts with completing yourself. Realizing you are the right one,” says Powers. “The more you love yourself, the better able you are to love others.”

The Self-Wedding In-A-Box comes in a fabulous vintage-modern blush and mint colored kit with a sterling silver or 14k solid gold unisex ring designed by Levin, the ceremony verbiage, vows, and affirmation cards.  Their kit has all you need to create your own ceremony, including a self-wedding ring and vows.

I Married Me Self-Wedding In-A-Box is a genuinely inspirational practice. It reminds you, as you wear your ring, that the simplest thing you can do to make for a happier, more content life is to LOVE YOURSELF!

Help support this idea, and the campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo!

I Married Me from I Married Me on Vimeo.

Follow the Love:
Contact:Jeffrey Levin, Ring Maker: jeff at imarriedme dot com, 310.207.8899Bonnie Powers, Wedding Planner: bonnie at imarriedme dot com, 415.305.8973 


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