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Soulfully Ignite Your Love Life- 5 Spiritual Dates

Tired of the same old date night ideas? Here are five ways to soulfully ignite your love life and bring you and your partner closer together by expanding your romantic and spiritual horizons.  Some ideas to try:

1.  Take a class. Learning something new together can lead to spiritual growth. Get started by making a list with your partner of new things you would like to learn- a new language, self-defense, cooking or a landscaping class perhaps. Many community centers and YMCAs offer affordable classes or one-day workshops. Here are some upcoming events to scope.

2.  Go Outside. Take a scenic hike, locate a labyrinth or meditation garden in your area. National Parks are great destinations to connect via nature, too. Make it extra special by timing it as a sunrise or sunset event.

3.  Volunteer together. Spend a day at your local animal shelter or do a cleanup event in your neighborhood.  You’ll be humbled by the gratitude you feel for each other – as well as sharing the satisfaction of making your neighborhood, city, town and world a better place. A date spent helping is a great way to get to know someone spiritually. Find out which causes your partner wants to get involved with and join them.

4.  Get sporty. Revive the P.E. days and spend an afternoon playing beach volleyball, having some basketball court action or at the batting cages. You could bring a Frisbee or your yoga mats to the park even.  If you love to ski and your partner is a surfer, hit the slopes and waves and learn each other’s sport of choice. Remember: For many people, their sport is a spiritual experience, so start getting in shape to reach Nirvana together.

5.  Explore new faiths. Even if you and your partner are not particularly religious, this can be a soul-expanding voyage of joint discovery. Get up one Saturday and go to a shul, or check out a gospel church on Sunday. Find out if visitors are welcome at your neighborhood mosque and make a plan to go. Sit pudja together at a Buddhist temple. Several music festivals are spiritually themed. Talk about your experiences together. This is a good way to gently ease into what for some can be a sensitive topic. Keep an open mind. Awakening your spiritual consciousness together can help bring you and your partner closer. Here are some centers that offer mediation gatherings in the LA area.

It’s not only the activities themselves that will bring you closer, but the mindset you embody during the experience.  When you try new things, you discover new things about your partner…and yourself.

Do you have any interesting spiritually oriented date ideas?  Please share with the rest of us!

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