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Wishbeads Agate Intention Bracelet
Agate Intention bracelet
Wishbeads Intention bracelet
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Wishbead Agate Intention Bracelet | Peace + Balance

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A Wishbeads bracelet is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It’s a daily reminder to stay focused on your intentions, wishes, dreams, and goals. 

It works like this: 

  • You visualize something that you really want. 
  • You write down your wish on a small slip of paper. 
  • You tuck your wish into a secret compartment that’s attached to your bracelet. 
  • You wear your bracelet, every day, to remind you to stay focused on your wish. 

 Psychologists agree that when you put a wish, dream, or goal “in writing,” that’s a huge step towards making it happen. It’s like signing a contract with yourself. It’s powerful. 

By wearing your Wishbeads bracelet, you’re signaling to yourself, “I believe in myself. I am deter- mined to make my wishes come true. I am creating the life that I want.” 

Agate: A stone with an affinity for balance. Its greatest strength is harmonizing and agate can reintroduce equilibrium to a restless wearer. The stone provides a constant, gentle feeling of support that can steady one who is feeling shaky in their path. Wear the stone to achieve peace and balance in all aspects of life. 

Size: Women's One Size Fits All

Age: (any) 

Gender: Unisex

Color: Green