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20 Ways Meditating Connects You to Your Higher Self

Just as we look to food and exercise for physical nourishment, we should look to mediation and prayer to nourish our spiritual selves.  In fact, meditation is spiritual exercise. It's a daily workout that develops attitudinal muscles and keeps them strong. If left unattended, weak spiritual muscles bring up thoughts like anger, judgement and fear.

As "A Course in Miracles" says, "We are much too tolerant of mind-wandering. Miracles and miraculous shifts happen in meditation. It ignites our spirit. Deep inner peace, forgiveness and love all arise in a meditative mind. The busy mind can not create these circumstances."  While it offers many physical health benefits, the spiritual health returns are undeniable.  Consider a 15-minute meditation your spiritual vitamin for the day.

Here are 20 reasons you might want to get up a bit earlier tomorrow morning.

Spiritual benefits:
1- It ignites our spirit.
2- Guides your internal compass and creates inner-directedness.
3- Increased self-actualization.
4- Increased compassion for yourself and others.
5- Grows wisdom.
6- Deepens understanding of yourself and others.
7- Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony.
8- Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation.
9- Increased acceptance of oneself.
10-Helps uncover forgiveness.
11- Changes attitudes toward life and provides peace of mind, happiness
12- Creates a deeper relationship with your God.
13- It's the best path to enlightenment.
14- Helps us discover our purpose.
15- Helps us live in the present moment.
16- Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love.
17- Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego.
18- Experience an inner sense of “Assurance or Knowingness.”
19- Experience a sense of “Oneness.”
20- Increases the synchronicity in your life.
21- Miracles and miraculous shifts happen in meditation.

But one of the best things about Meditation is that it's completely free. If you need a guide, there are plenty of free meditations on YouTube. It requires no special equipment, and is not complicated to learn. It can be practiced anywhere, at any given moment, and it is not time consuming (15-20 min. per day is good). Best of all, meditation has NO negative side effects. Bottom line, there is nothing but positive to be gained from it. With such a huge list of benefits, the question you should ask yourself is, “why am I not meditating yet?”

How do you get centered?  A class, favorite YouTube meditation clip, CD collection?  Share your zen with us: 

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