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5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Life

Let's talk about living an intentional life and manifesting your dreams.  How is your week? Your year? What are you learning? What are you manifesting? What happened that you weren’t expecting? Where are you being inspired to become more refined, more skilled, more savvy at living your life?


You have goals you want to realize, dreams you want to make reality. And in different ways you’re cracking away at it every day. Awesome.

But to get there, you have to become a version of you who is a match for those goals and dreams manifesting. It takes some work, some experimenting with doing things in a new way, some rearranging how you think about things, some cleaning things up, some patience. All of which begins with being honest with yourself about where you’re currently at, internally and externally.

For example, there’s the old, uncomfortable emotions in you. Fear. Sadness. Poor me. Helplessness. Anger. Shame.

And then there’s how these uncomfortable emotions (likely unconsciously) play themselves out in your life. Laziness. Addictions. Blame. Self-defeating beliefs. Avoidance. Complaining. Being undisciplined. Leaving things incomplete. Drama. Obsessions. Self-judgment. Repressed creativity. Etc.

To move forward, to be a match for your goals and dreams, you’re going to have to move through and clear out at least some of how this stuff is showing up for you now. Yet life is filled with so much grace, this clearing is probably already happening. If you were to look at just the last week of your life, isn’t it apparent that life has been pointing out where you’ve got a bottle neck inside you… as well as whispering to you the mean to open it?

The more fearless you are in your self-inquiry, the more fearless you can be in how you show for your life.


1. Take back your power: stop distracting yourself

Excessive social media, IMing, and texting, busying yourself, unnecessary errands and plans, continually getting sucked into the internet rabbit hole, restless movement, distracted socializing. Stop. For the love of yourself, stop. Turn down the volume on the blah-blah-blah go-go-go so you can hear/feel/see/be with yourself. You are with yourself 24/7, but how much of that time are you really with yourself? There is nothing more important than having a quality relationship with yourself. It’s the ground you stand on. The place you’re coming from in every part of your life. Nurture it. Take your space back.

2. Feel what you feel

If you weren’t running away from yourself, which is what distraction is, there’d be space for the rest of you to catch up. Let it. You can’t outrun your shadow or the pain of your past, so let it move up and through you. I spent two days this week in my garden crying. I was reading Patti Smith’s "Just Kids" and her whole evolution with becoming an artist and with Robert Maplethorpe brought up so many old emotions and fears inside me. So I put my to-do list aside and cried. It was hard and beautiful and vulnerable and deeply cathartic. Another chunk of the stuck emotional energy inside me melted and started moving. I was so grateful for the experience because I feel much more in synch with myself and lighter because of it.

3. Have the courage to set juicy goals

We do what we do to achieve certain ends. If you were to assess your life a week, month, or year from now – what would you be thrilled you had invested yourself in and achieved? Do you want to feel more confident and ease-full inside yourself? How about inspired and energized? Would you like to feel successful in your business or creativity and, if so, what exactly does that mean to you? Is there a project or personal goal you want to realize? Is there a place you feel restricted that you’d like to feel more free? Be honest with yourself and have the courage to set a juicy and specific goal. This will focus your energy and prioritize your choices. It will also bring up anything in you that’s in the way of this happening.

4. Educate yourself 

When you’re not distracted, when you’re allowing and not in resistance to yourself, when you have clear goals, your energy is lined up to move. The next piece is learning how to do your part to bring that forward. The fabulous thing about this is that others have already mastered what you are currently learning… so seek this information out and educate yourself! There is no excuse to stay stuck. Whether it’s business skills, communication skills, how to calm your mind, or how to plant a garden the information is out there. Be inquisitive and unwavering in your desire to find it. It’s the next monkey bar in your evolution forward so grab on.

5. Get to work

The more you engage your life in a quality way, the harder you work, the more you apply what you learn, the more things will flow. And that’s what you want, right, to flow into wider rivers of being, living, loving, and creating? 

6. Repeat

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly. All these cycles are happening simultaneously. Go with it. Let yourself evolve. Do the work. Be savvy and skillful about it. There’s no excuse to stay stuck.

To our glorious, serpentine evolution!

Hello, I’m Robin CLARK.
I’m a coach, portrait photographer, blogger, and artist in San Mateo, CA. I’ve been in the professional beauty and healing arts fields for 20 years and my art has been published in We’Moon calendar.


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