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Can You Trust Your Intuition?

You are extremely intuitive. Yup, you are.

You are so intuitive you scare yourself at how intuitive you are. So many times in my mentoring sessions my clients tell me they don’t know what their goals are or they don’t know what they should do. But that isn’t really true.

Almost 100% of the time my clients know what their goals are and what they should do, but they are too scared to act on it.

They aren’t seeking out clarity of their own intuition. They are seeking out a different answer, one that is filled with guarantees and an easy path. But as a Seeker, the Path is never easy and there are no guarantees. That is why Seekers rely on Faith.

The Path requires AVID faith in yourself and TRUST that you are being guided from within daily to the exact right space. How many times have you NOT listened to that voice in your head that knows what to do and ended up in the wrong place, or had life get all messy and twisted?

It happens to you in your choices of relationships, jobs, risks, the food you eat and even what path you should take to work today. When you listen to that small and still voice within you, your life will begin to change. The truth is that you are more afraid of change than you are of dying. So instead of asking for clarity of intuition, you ask for different instruction from your intuition.

Your intuition in The Uni-verse (which is INFINITE, HUGE, CONNECTED to everything and WAAAAY smarter than you are) is talking to you. If you want to live a creatively free life, if you want love, prosperity and joy – let your intuition guide you, no matter HOW crazy it might sound; there is always a reason for why you are being guided today. You might not find out the reason for years, but there is a purpose and a reason and your job is to show up and trust.

So, what crazy thing is your intuition guiding you to do today? Wanna go for a ride and trust it? Yes, I believe you do! Jump – the net WILL appear!

Mastin Kipp is the creator of the The Daily Love The site blends wisdom with style and delivers a daily email and Twitter messages for a fast paced lifestyle.

Reprinted with permission by the author.

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