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Soulful Space: Revitalize Your Home With These Simple Traditions

The New Year is a great time to give the subtle energies and spiritual vibes of your home some attention. It's important to clear your physical clutter, and also to clear any bad memories, negative emotions and even sadness that can settle into any room.

"Home" is both an extension of who you are and a physical representation of  where you have been. In fact, your space can hold emotional baggage and unfinished business. Intentionally creating a space that inspires and creates comfort for you and your family, roommates and visitors, is a great reflection of one's own spirit and experience of our home within.

Here are five simple practices that will release negative energy from your home and create a sense of peace and well-being.  But don't be fooled - while some of these practices are small and subtle, they can add an immediate sense of calm and peace in your home.  Follow the guide below and gather the tools you need on your own, or order one of our space clearing kits that comes with everything you need, including detailed instructions.
1) Clear the Air.
"Smudging" your house with sage is a great way to remove unseen negative energy in your home.  You can start by simply making a loud clapping sound in each corner of your house, and then burning sage in the home. Or you can perform the entire ceremony, an ancient wisdom practice that you can read more about: "How to Smudge or Hold a Space Clearing Ceremony in Your Home."  And if the smoke from Sage bothers you, use essential oils instead -- eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon and peppermint oils all work well.  
2) Clear Objects.
Be conscious of what object hold power in your home.  Make a point of which objects you keep or toss out, based on what the situation in which you acquired the object may represent to you. Objects acquired with love make us feel loved, objects acquired through greed make us feel heavy.   Take a moment to look around and really see what you are surrounded by.  Things that were inherited from someone you didn't have a good relationship to, and even items acquired in a relationship that's now ended can serve as sad reminders of lost connections.

3) Carve out an area to create a calm personal space.
Create an area that is a sanctuary, a place to meditate or just be still, that will remind and inspire you to be the most amazing example of who you can be. When you intentionally create space that promotes growth and peace, you support your own natural process.  Why should we go to the spa to relax, or to a hotel to feel inspired and calm? We can create that vibe in our homes, even if we start with just a corner of the house.
Take a look at our Soul Space Pinterest page for plenty of great inspiration.
4) Create an altar.
If you truly can't carve out a corner to create a meditation or calm space, even a small altar can imbue a room with love.  In this fast paced life, we have lost a connection to ritual and ceremony, and creating an altar is a wonderful way to invite spiritual energies into your home.  An altar is a physical reminder of your intention to welcome more peace, love and calm into your home.
Home altars often have an image or statue of Jesus, Buddha, or Gods/Goddesses such as Shiva (devine feminine), along with any symbolic figures, such as angels, wings, flowers, etc. Another approach is to create an altar with natural elements, such as rocks, a plant and water.
The energy of your altar will get stronger in time and is powered by your attention to it, so be sure to keep your connection to it. Light a candle, burn fragrant incense, spend some time every morning or night in silence by your altar. Use the sacred energy you've created to remind you of your highest spiritual intentions as you start and end your day.
Your altar will inevitable change in time, so trust that you do not have to have it all perfect when you start. Sometimes a candle and a crystal might be all you need to begin with. It is the energy you feel and your urge to express it that matters the most.
5) Water, Air, Stone; Add some Earth elements to your home.
All your senses should be nourished and engaged in your space.  And mother nature is here to support us, it's why our ancestors lived much more closely and in tune with her. Bring her in.
Rocks and crystals bring in the earth element. They are not only beautiful but because they come from deep within the Earth, they remind us to stay grounded and connected.    Water represents flow and balance, and the sound of a fountain brings in sound vibration.   Air - keeping the air flow in your home fresh and clean is integral.  Bring in plants to purify, fresh flowers to sweeten the air, use fans to encourage circulation, and make a practice of opening windows and doors to air out the home regularly. Always use natural cleaning products to maintain a natural non-toxic environment.
Feeling to rushed to sit and meditate? Even burning a natural scented candle can have an amazing effect on your space, it's a good start!  

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