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What Your Intuition Wants To Tell You

Your intuition will tell you intimate and important things nobody else will – and it will also tell you things your own mind will argue with.  As a culture, we have learned to believe that being rational is what should prevail when making decisions.  But what about our "inner voice," our gut feeling - that “little something” instinctual from within, which tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic?

Intuition can be either a moment where you instinctively know if something IS right – or isn’t right. It’s our inner voice that “that just knows,” and it does understand what uniquely, sometimes seemingly illogically, will make you happy.  It bridges the gap between between instinct and reason, between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Science tells us that only 20 percent of the brain's gray matter is used for conscious thoughts, while 80 percent is dedicated to non-conscious thoughts.

What is Intuition?

Albert Einstein once said that it is our most valuable asset, and one of our most unused senses.  He described it as “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.” Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice, or spiritual guide.

Many people will have an intuitive flash as they're falling asleep or just waking up. It’s often described as a flash of understanding that can cut through our defense systems and allow a deep truth to be revealed.

Commonly, ones' real life experience is that we walk into a house for rent or sale, and instantly know it’s the right place to live. For some married couples, it took just one look to recognize their partner in life. Dogs are known to howl at the moment of their master’s death, even if they're separated by thousands of miles. And time after time, women will say that they had ‘a funny feeling’ about something or someone dangerous.  Throughout history and in every culture, the communication of our intuition happens repeatedly in ways that current science can't explain.

When you talk in depth to people about how they made their important life choices, the story often includes plot twists due to unplanned serendipitous coincidences, magic happening, and “going with their gut.”  At some point in life, the journey gets kind of loose, and it is at that moment that the intuition is the right navigating tool – it is alert to signs of change and opportunity.

We read the signs and omens of what life is saying to us through our intuition. Just as a movie director hints early in a film about a future plot development, hooking us into the story with a glimpse of how things might turn out -- the intuition hooks us into our own journey in life.  It’s a point at which we understand something new, or know something to be true.

Usually, the intuition comes and goes, informing abruptly, but it can also be called up at will. Whether out-of-the- blue or consciously conjured, it can be instantly there for you once you begin to excersise it.

Five Tips on How to Access Your Intuition:

  1. Firstly, create the intention to begin noticing your intuition.  Set out to stop ignoring or dismissing this aspect of yourself. Shut off your inner critic that needs to rationalize everything, and just listen – without judgment.  You must first be willing to hear the truth in your heart. That's what the intuition speaks for. Meditate.

  1. Keep a journal or a dream journal, or start a synchronicity notebook to write down all your so called "coincidences.” Start simply following your hunches and be prepared to be amazed where they lead you.

  1. Many people find that learning how to get in touch with your intuition is most easily kicked-off using guided imagery.   Click here for three (free) guided imagery exercises. Each is 2-3 minutes long. All you need is your imagination, some peace and quiet, and a desire to get in touch with your higher self and innate wisdom.   Guided imagery helps you direct your imagination in a particular way that allows the intuitive voice to come out naturally, just as you naturally know how to dream. In an instant, a person can know something to be true, understand something new.

The intuition’s most important role is that it alerts us to the path, people, and circumstances that we will uniquely find fulfilling.

Using your intuition or sixth sense is just like working a muscle. It will get stronger the more you use it.

"We often hesitate to follow our intuition out of fear. Usually, we are afraid of the changes in our own life that our actions will bring. Intuitive guidance, however, is all about change. It is energetic data ripe with the potential to influence the rest of the world. To fear change but to crave intuitive clarity is like fearing the cold, dark night while pouring water on the fire that lights your cave. An insight the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to bring down a mountain-sized illusion that may be holding our lives together. Truth strikes without mercy. We fear our intuitions because we fear the transformational power within our revelations." 

- Caroline Myss, best-selling author and speaker.

Do you have a personal account of intuitive knowing? Share how you get in touch with your intuition with us below!


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