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April 10 - Maybe the Best Way to Fix the Problem is to Not Fix the Problem

Very often, the best solution to the problem has nothing to do with the problem itself. And if your thinking is trapped in the perspective of the problem, you won't be able to see the best way forward.

Maybe the best way to fix the problem is not to fix the problem. The best way forward could very well be to render the problem irrelevant.

Don't focus so intently on the problem at hand that you ignore the overall picture. Your life is filled with abundant resources, and you can utilize them in an endless number of creative ways.

Get out of the problem and into the realm of your most positive possibilities. Visualize yourself not as fixing what's wrong but as creating something new and valuable.

You always have the opportunity to move your life forward. Connect with your purpose, and remind yourself of what's most meaningful to you.

Instead of being a victim of this or that, instead of getting mired in the problem, get inspired by the possibilities. Take a healthy does of determination from the
problem, then leave it far behind.

via one of our favorites - The Daily Motivator, Ralph Marston

Out of the Problem


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