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DBG: March 16

A great reminder, when balancing relating to co-workers...friends...family. We often hold ourselves back, worried about what other think.

via Ralph Marston, The Daily Motivator

Let the joy flow

You don't need to control others, because you can exercise
full control over you. You don't have to gain advantage over
others, because you have the unmatched advantage of being

You don't have to cajole others into agreeing with you.
Because you can live and speak and act with integrity and
congruence and in harmony with what you know to be true.

On this day you have the great opportunity of expressing the
uniqueness of who you are while also playing your part in
the wholeness of all that is. With all that going on,
absolutely anything is possible.

Set yourself free from the negative judgments of others by
letting go of the need to worry about what they think. Set
yourself free from doubt, fear and anxiety by reminding
yourself that every experience can add to the richness of
who you are.

Stop waiting for the right moment and make this the right
moment. Go ahead and live the best of your possibilities by
standing up, stepping forward and taking decisive, positive

Feel fully the miracle of your unique and beautiful
existence. And let the joy flow profusely from the center of
your being.

Ralph Marston http://greatday.com

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