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Manifest Abundance All Natural Candle
Abundance Candle All Natural
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Abundance Candle

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Living a life of gratitude is what brings abundance in our lives. Like gratitude, abundance is a state of mind. When we approach the art of manifestation from pure joy, authentic excitement, and a thankful heart, the possibilities are ENDLESS.
Our Abundance intention candle will awaken your senses as you focus and set your intentions on attracting MORE into your life. Use the powerful scent of the candle to activate and set your intentions, while the comforting flicker can be used as a focal point to deepen your mental state. Visualize the abundance flowing into your life like a stream, slowly becoming larger. Breathe in and visualize, breathe out and appreciate all that you have. Set your intention for abundance with this all natural, handmade in Venice Beach ABUNDANCE candle with Ginger, Tarocco Orange and Bergamot.

Set Your Intentions Ablaze

Unique candle scents enliven the senses and establish a connection with your space to help you set and achieve your intentions. Scent is the 5th sense, and is the sense most linked to memory and emotion. Scent has the power to influence our mood, transport us places, and bring back memories. The power of scent can also be the fastest way to help bring you to a specific state of mind, and helps to remind us that we are all powerful beings with the ability to create and manifest the life we want. Intention candles make great gifts for friends.

Each candle is hand poured in small batches and made with an all-natural coconut wax blend. To create each fragrance, our candles are mixed with phthalate free premium grade fragrance and essential oils. Our wicks are made out of cotton which is not only a natural fiber but it produces less smoke and soot when the candle burns. There are absolutely no added dyes or chemicals.

Set your intentions ablaze!

Size: 9 oz reusable jar

Candle burn time: 45-50 hours